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Sarpinos Pizzeria Customers' Experience

This is what our customers had to say about us:

Wow, excellent pizza. We got a 14" Tuscany (chicken, tomatoes, artichokes, red peppers, garlic, and skip the green olives please) and it was delicious. They do pan-style pizza but the crust isn't too thick or crispy; there's a slightly floppy, cheesy quality to the pie, but overall the ingredients are in perfect proportion. The sauce has the perfect sweet/tangy balance, and for the first time in a while, I did not feel compelled to sprinkle oregano on my pizza. The toppings and the pie itself were bursting with flavor.

Daryl N. is right--there are a ton of options, and I can't wait to try others. We also got their garlic breadsticks, which come in a circle like a pizza and are cut into strips. They were AWESOME. Dip those bad boys into some marinara (your choice of sauce included) and you'll forget that there's a pizza in front of you as well.

This was my first experience using Sarpinos, and I loved it. Despite our initial doubts, everything went as smooth as silk, and the delivery estimate of 50 minutes turned out to be more like 42.

Yes, the 14" gourmet pizza was $20, but you get what you pay for--the quality of ingredients is high and the result delicious. Also, for some reason, Sarpino's fared better than any other pizza that I can remember when reheated in my oven (for breakfast this morning...yes, you can eat pizza for breakfast but only certain kinds). So that's even more incentive to order again. Joshua N., Evanston, IL

Earlier today I placed a Holiday group order and all were so impressed I changed supper plans and placed a pick-up order. I gave a couple of special instructions which were followed exactly. I was very impressed with the quality and taste. Ordering on-line also gave a 10% discount. The store was brigh, super clean and the order was ready when it was finished cooking. They did not pull it out before it was done just because I showed up a few minutes early. I more than appreciated this, as it is their attention to these details that makes this completely delicious pizza. My first visit of many, I am sure. Congratulations on a winning product and store. Michael Broyles, Aurora, IL

I have had pizza from many different places. This place, by far, is the best damn pizza I have ever tasted. Thank you very much. I learned about Sarpinos seeing the light box on a car delivering to my neighbor. Mike T., Overland Park, KS

I am the general manager of a hotel and we have been doing business with this Sarpino's for over a year. The food quality is always at its best along with the friendly service they provide. The owners Stanley and Vessi are wonderful and very personable. They are also very flexible with our service needs. My staff and I recommend their pizzeria to anyone looking for great quality food. Visha Gandhi, Humble TX

I 'discovered' Sarpino's earlier this year and, in a word: WOW!!! I order the SAME pizza each time: large, thin crust, white, vegetarian without onions..Each and every time, the pizza is both visually appealing and absolutely decadent. The staff are always polite & professional, the store is always vibrant and clean. The "late" hours are convenient as well. Sarpino's Pizzeria is a cut above the rest!! Sylvia Cole, Palatine, IL

Wondering if you have plans of opening any stores in the Hugo/White Bear area of MN AND do you have any plans for a stuffed crust pizza??? OMG-YUM! Many thanks you pizza is great, Susan Jones & friends. Susan Jones, Hugo, MN

The restaurant area is rather small with just a few tables. They were all clean and neat. I ordered two large pizzas: Classico Italian and Pesto Vegetable with Jalapeño Ranch and regular Ranch Dips. The Pesto pizza was far from ordinary. The flavorful Pesto sauce and the fresh spinach were delicious. Pamela Arnold, Des Plaines, IL

The general appearance of the store was neat, tidy, clean, and well organized. I ordered a large pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza. It was covered with meat slices, plenty of cheese and sauce. It was artfully arranged and very visually appealing. The taste was very good. The overall impression of the location was favorable. It was neat and clean, and bright and colorful. The employees seemed cheerful and energetic. I found the pizza to be very good and also a good value. I would return to sample other menu items and pizza again. Sara Maher, Peoria, AZ

I ordered a Personal 8" BBQ Chicken Pizza without artichokes. It was excellent! The topping was very generous and the crust stood up and did not collapse under the weight of the topping. The topping stayed on the pizza. Excellent flavor! Kathryn Andris, Peoria, AZ

I like the fact that the pepperoni is put on top instead of underneath the cheese, and is a little crispy. The amount (NOT overloaded, thank goodness!) and taste of the tomato sauce is excellent. I really like the fact that you stay open late every night. I hope that lasts. Richard L., Des Plaines, IL