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  • Store: Palatine Sarpino's

    New customer and not happy Was told 35 min. and was 1hr 10 min. The pizza was cold and not what I ordered Gave a 40% tip Crazy

  • Store: Leawood Sarpino's


  • Store: Chicago Downtown- South Loop Sarpino's

    I online ordered a white pizza and cheesy breadsticks. My order was delivered, and after eating a few bites from my first piece of pizza, I realized that it was not a white pizza, but was a ?hawaiian pizza. I called mentioned the error, and said I didn't mind the pizza that was sent but asked for a credit for the mistake. I was given a hard time by the manager for eating part of the pizza prior to realizing the mistake, but was told that they would be sending out the correct pizza. The store was very rude on the phone. When the delivery man arrived, I handed him the incorrect pizza, he took it and said he would be back with the right pizza. Why didn't he just bring the correct pizza and exchange them? He then came back about 15 mins later with the right pizza. I had placed the call about the mistake at 7:42 pm, he picked up the wrong pizza at 8:02, and came back with the right pizza at 8:15. No one was very understanding or apologetic, and I had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the correct order.

  • Store: Glen Ellyn Sarpino's

    Always great quality food; will definitely be back!

  • Store: Overland Park Sarpino's