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  • Store: La Grange Sarpinos


  • Store: Morton Grove Sarpinos

    I can't cancel an order I oreded tonight at 130 am not knowing it is closed at 1 on a weekday I don't want pizza at 1030 am I want to cancel and it won't let me

  • Store: Bloomingdale Sarpinos

    I ordered a pizza, waited 2 hours, called 3 times. It was never delivered. When I asked for my money back the person working the phone told me to "Go .... myself ......." It's really shocking that someone from your company would use that kind of language towards a customer. What is the explanation for this?

  • Store: Oakdale Sarpinos

    Another f*ck up from this poorly-ran "business". I've ordered from this oakdale store of several occasions and 75% of the time the order is screwed up. I waited 2 hours for delivery this time in which whatever, I understand people get very busy or worked short staffed, but then you get an incomplete order after that...the people who manage and make the orders for this store are morons only the delivery driver I can level with cuz I assume they just deliver the food. The last time I ordered online and the manager "Brian" called me back stating that his drivers "walked out" on him and that if I called back next time he was working that he would "hook me up"...well I did call back and he stated he could only give me half-off on the order I ALREADY PAID FOR AND GAVE TIP ON FOOD I NEVER GOT. I ordered a salad this time and it usually never comes with any dressing ITS A SALAD DUMBA$$E$ THEY ALL COME WITH DRESSING! Needless to say I never usually complain about things like this but this place is a joke just read some of the other complaints. I think I'll be going in personally next time to see what kind of idiots run this place i'm sure I won't be surprised.....

  • Store: Naperville Sarpinos

    We are extremely unsatisfied with our Sarpino's experience. We ordered a pizza through the online server and the pizza we received did not include any of the toppings that we requested. After receiving the wrong pizza we called to tell them there was a mistake in our order, and they told us that they had made the order as it was received even when we insisted that their website must have made an error. The manager was unwilling to work with us and provide us with the order we requested. We were extremely upset that we spent so much money for a cheese pizza with no toppings and were treated so rudely when we tried to correct the error in YOUR system. Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life.