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  • Store: Des Plaines-O'Hare Sarpinos

    Rude, unfriendly, unprofesoonal. instead of helping me to choose from Stuff did everything me to leave very dissatisfied without placing any order.

  • Store: Leawood Sarpinos

    We ordered our food over two hours ago. The store called and said it would be late but arrive before 12:00. It is almost 12:30. Last time we ordered I paid for several extra sauces but none came. It may only be a few dollars but it is still annoying.

  • Store: St. Louis Park Sarpinos

    We put our new address in and they delivered to a previous address where no one lives. We called after an hour and they only offered to put a new order in with a 1.5 hour delivery time. They did not seem very sorry. We chose not to reorder as it was already 11 pm.

  • Store: Downtown Minneapolis Sarpinos

    The Washington Ave South Location is a joke! The delivery has been over two hours late before and is at very least late everytime. Not to mention, the coupons that your company is printing has no experation date yet they have told me 3 times before and now again today that they are no longer good! IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO PUT A DATE ON A FLYER IF IT IS GOING TO EXPIRE????? Even just one in the corner maybe...???? MAYBE, LEGALLY SPEAKING, YOU CAN'T claim to "CHANGE THE PRICES ON COUPON'S YOU'VE PRINTED OUT AND SHIPPED TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE? ... As far as i'm concerned, I have been cheated. I have a valid coupon, yet I am not getting bread-sticks tonight because I am paying ten dollars more than I expected to already and it's way too hot to cook tonight. Your company should be ashamed of this location. If you don't believe me, please Google it and read the hundreds of reviews that people took their precious time to write.

  • Store: Chicago Downtown- South Loop Sarpinos

    i will never order from your company again. i have given you over 5 chances over the past several years and been a loyal customer ordering at least twice a week from your store. it happens almost every other time that your drivers get lost and either cannot find my house or they are over an hour late delivering food. i would suggest that you teach your employees to navigate around chicago without the aid of a gps...they do not always work and chicago is THE easiest City to get around in - ever hear of the GRID system that all the roads are on here. geez, this time i finally cancelled my order after my order "was out for delivery at 5:06 PM and it is now 6:21 PM, and the driver was still not at my door. How you stay in business is beyond me.