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  • Store: Richfield Sarpinos

    horrible! Granted it was a new guy taking orders I was very specific and told him to take his time and get it rite. Try'ed to order a pesto veggie no green peppers add mushrooms on half. He told me that the pesto veggie already had mushrooms I told him the menu I have says nothing about mushrooms but if that was the case only mushrooms on half and an order of double cheesy bread. Got something completely different. This pizza had pineapple and red sauce, looked at the menu and realized we had gotten the regular veggie. Of coarse I call back and ask for a new pizza. The guy on the phone dose the cover the speaker (poorly) thing doesn't Ask me to hold and proceeds to curse out the poor new guy. Then you hear a bunch of yelling and a different guy comes on the phone and asks me what's wrong. I explain and try to tell him what I want pesto veggie no green peppers, half w/mushrooms. He seemed confused and asked witch half should have the no mushrooms. I thoroughly confused said either since all the rest of the ingredients should be the same. An hour and a half later delivery guy shows up hand me the pizza says nothing starts to walk away I asked him if this was veggie pesto no green peppers mushrooms on half, to witch he replies "I don't know man I don't make the pizzas" And left without another word. Come to find out it was a pesto veggie mushrooms on half also a .... ton of green peppers(looked almost to be on purpose) pretty bad, thinking I'm done with Sarpino's.

  • Store: Shawnee Sarpinos

    first and last time i will ever order from you again had to be the worst pizza for almost 16.00 bucks i have ever had

  • Store: Chicago Downtown- South Loop Sarpinos

    I order from here all the time and they are always fast and the pizza is always hot. This is my "treating myself" spot

  • Store: Clive Sarpinos

    Sarpino's has delivered consistently excellent food, always fresh and always delicious. Aside from the obvious (pizza), they serve a plethora of different Italian style foods. The service is phenomenal! The staff is very friendly, attentive, and fast. I would highly recommend Sarpino's!

  • Store: Harwood Heights-Chicago-O'Hare Sarpinos

    The worst sandwich I have ever seen not on a crusty panini bread that the 'manager said was panini but sliced bread .... and doesn't know the difference. Horror of horrors was worse on the inside that looked like wilted garbage! The pizza was not a thin crispy crust and worst of all had a bitter taste and was so dark that I thought it was burnt. Never again.....whoever that so-called manager was she doesn't know panini and how it's made or the pizza either was very soggy! $30.00 in the garbage. I was really hungry but my stomach wouldn't have allowed me to swallow that junk!