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  • Store: Westport Sarpinos

    I didn't order on this date, I was not at work

  • Store: Downers Grove - Oakbrook Sarpinos

    We order often and have NEVER had a problem but this time, we ordered a meatball calzone and they left out the meatballs. Called manager and he made it right by giving us full credit of the calzone. OOthewise, very happy with Sarpinos.

  • Store: Northbrook Sarpinos

    Better than domino, and similar prices. Yay!

  • Store: Chicago Downtown- South Loop Sarpinos

    We love Sarpino's. Unfortunately, last time we ordered, it took the better part of 2 hours for our delivery to reach us, and the pizzas were not as hot as we would have liked. Even worse, there was no pepperoni topping even though we ordered it.

  • Store: Westport Sarpinos

    Happy that they deliver and have late hours