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  • Store: Chicago - Lincoln Park Sarpinos

    Ordered online, and everytime were called the store, they clearly hung up, and didn't even attempt to Let us know where our food was.

  • Store: Riverwoods Sarpinos

    I ordered my Pizza around 11:30 at night with 4 different toppings, when it was delivered, there were only 2 and the pizza didn't even taste thoroughly cooked. This was my first time ordering from Sarpinos, and so far not good.

  • Store: Chicago - Lincoln Park Sarpinos

    My order is #653391. I had to wait an incredibly long time for my pizza. The time between preparation and being out for delivery was an hour and fifteen minutes. Then it took another hour and a half to get it delivered. Overall, I waited over two and a half hours for a pizza from a place less than a mile from my house. If this is the level of service I can expect from Sarpino's, then you can expect my loyalty no longer.

  • Store: Northbrook Sarpinos

    I placed an order at 6:06 pm. according to map quest Sarpino's is 6.5 miles away. The order taker over the phone said because I lived just outside their delivery range It would take an additional 1/2 hour longer for my order to be delivered. Approximately 7:30. I agreed. At 7:34 I called for a statue on my order. The person on the phone said the driver was on my street, just a few more minutes. After 8:00 I called again, the manager suggested that it was "traffic" that was holding up the driver. 40 minutes later the driver arrived. I asked "how was traffic?. He said it wasn't a problem. The manager did reduce the price of the order. I tipped the driver at a full price order. And told the driver that the management was full of "****". The experience of a Sarpino's pizza was all around foul. I would not recommend Sarpino's to anyone!

  • Store: Fort Lauderdale Sarpino's

    Dear Scarpino's Fort Lauderdale - Bravo! I've been searching for a decent pizza for 8 years, and someone finally stepped up to the plate and hit a homer! Your pizza is not flat, it has substance and you know how to fully cook a pie, amen. You are my new and only go to when I need pizza - throw in free delivery and this word of mouth will travel. I don't even care that you gave me marinara sauce instead of blue cheese, it's that good. Thanks Guys your new BFF Alicia!