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  • Store: Austin - Pflugerville Sarpino's

    Overall we like sarpinos however this order took over 90 minutes to be delivered and then was delivered wrong. The calzone that was supposed to have no ricotta and cheddar instead had ricotta and no cheddar. It was also supposed to come with ranch. It did not, it came with marinara. We almost called the store but waiting another 90 minutes for the correct one was not an option.

  • Store: Overland Park Sarpino's

    Generally the food is good, a notch above most pizza places. One suggestion, how about adding an Italian soup for fall and winter? You have a wide selection of sandwiches. Soup would be a nice addition.

  • Store: Downtown Atlanta Sarpino's

    This was the best birthday dinner ever since I was in a rush with a few friends, it was a random pick, but oh boy did it turn out to be the best random pick ever. I think I now eat from here ever other night and did I mention the food is hot and fresh when it arrives. ummm I love the sarpinos signature salad with extra juicy chicken I think I will order one right now.

  • Store: New Hope Sarpino's

    I was on your website ordering pizza. I first entered my address. It said that the closest location was in New Hope, Minnesota. I proceeded to make my order. It said that the second (less expensive pizza) would be half off. How is $13.99 half of $15.99? I close my pizzas and wings, filled out my credit card information, decided how much to tip, THEN IT SAID THAT THEY DO NOT DELIVER IN MY AREA!!! Why did it not say that when I entered my address?

  • Store: Humble Sarpino's

    My family has never had a problem with Sarpino's food. Our last order of Lasagna was full halfway full of grease and was inedible. The food was so terrible that i took several pictures to chronicle how grease was in the plate.