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  • Store: Leawood Sarpinos

    I am so angry I wasted $20 on a pizza no better than little ceaser's

  • Store: Evanston-Skokie-Chicago Sarpinos

    Sarpino's has excellent food and service, and I will gladly go there again and again

  • Store: Eagan Sarpinos

    Dear Sir/Madam: I ordered Sarapino's for the third time in as many weeks as the first two times it was very good. My third time (tonight) was a different story. And it started out so well.... I received a thank you post card for trying your store and it had a "free" medium cheesy bread coupon. I ordered a large pepperoni and also told them about my "free" coupon for the bread. Upon arriving for pick up I was told the pepperoni (single topping pizza) was $16 something? I said to the teenager I was in last week for pick up, I had a three topping pizza and it was $13 something. How can a one topping be more??? As a side note i used NO coupons last week when I picked up the three topping. His explanation was "you're using a coupon for the free cheesy bread" To which I answered, then it is not free? You are actually charging me for it and that's why a single is $3 more than a three topping? We went round and round on the logic or lack there of. The $3 is not the issue as it more that I feel taken advantage with my "free" thank you and the "customer is NOT right" treatment and lack of logic throughout the entire process. It was a very frustrating experience and as you can see my family typically orders pizza once a week. John Graham 3913 Evermoor Pkwy Rosemount, MN 55068

  • Store: Austin - Pflugerville Sarpinos

    Ordered delivery online because it's simple and I don't have to explain how I want my food made. It didn't matter because my order was still wrong, and it was as simple as no onions. The wait time was short, but when the delivery guy showed up he had my salad in a bag with my sandwich shoved under his arm close to his pit. Granted, there was a cold drink in the bag, but I would have rather the sandwich be in the bag than under his stinky pits. I enjoy the taste of Sarpino's, but I have noticed that the quality of their service has declined dramatically.

  • Store: Downtown Minneapolis Sarpinos

    Order # 353705. I ordered pepperoni and onion and my pizza only has pepperoni.