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  • Store: Westport Sarpinos

    Ordered pizza for hospital staff from your business, in total we had 9 orders- ordered on 4 tickets, everything stated that it would take 35-45 minutes for delivery (including the confirmation email) so everyone planned accordingly, after over an hour of waiting a call was made to the location, they said the wait time was an average of an hour and a half and they have no control over what is stated in the emails. This seems very unprofessional, at the very least a phone call or an email with a realistic time would have been nice, the best answer they could give me was to call cooperate which is not helpful when it is not with in normal busisness hours.

  • Store: Humble Sarpinos

    First time experience was great. Order taker very friendly and got the order correct. Delivery was on time and he was friendly. Food was good. Overall experience was a good one. Glad to find a real pizza not commercial. I will have to dine in at Sarpino's Pizzeria next!!!

  • Store: Leawood Sarpinos

    I would like to tell you about my past experiences with this franchise. First of all - the people are super nice. But - a couple weeks ago - I placed my order before 2 a.m. - it was received and said it would take 45 minutes to complete. Well 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes passes and no food. I finally contacted them and they completely forgot about order that was placed. The did cook and deliver my food, but was kind of hungry and had to wait 2 1/2 hours. Last nite we ordered some food to be delivered. Again - person I spoke with was super nice. But problem here was - that it doesn't say your sandwiches are toasted - that was bad - husband hated it. And there was only like 3 dinky pieces of meat on sandwich (he ordered Italian). When ordering - there should be an option of not toasted. I also ordered 2 baked lasagnas. Problem there was the fact that it looked more like lasagna soup then baked lasagna. It was just "floating" in the sauce. You need to put sauce (which ever they choose in a container next to lasagna. Tasted ok - but I have fixed hamburger helper lasagna that tasted better. Again - the people at this store are super nice - just the quality of food needs to change. Barbara Glenn

  • Store: Richfield Sarpinos

    Super fast delivery and very nice driver. Not to mention amazing food!

  • Store: Braeswood Sarpinos

    Bueno pizza. They have the best thin crust pizzas and you have different options of dipping sauces. I love their margarita and classico italiano pizzas. With chipotle ranch sauce its the best. They deliver in medical center and galleria parts of Houston. Its amazing.