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  • Store: Elmhurst Sarpinos

    very rude delivery driver had no idea where I was even after calling me twice was over an hour late and very rude which cannot be stressed enough. Called me his "bro" which I am not even close too...

  • Store: Westport Sarpinos

    Hello, I work at Children's mercy and my order number was 905. I placed my order online at 0012 on the 22nd. At 0025, I received an email stating that my order was out for delivery. I called the store at 0045 and asked what was taking so long, I was told that the driver should be there in a few minutes. At 0120, my delivery arrived. The driver did not apologize or say anything besides "I'm new." My pizza was so cold and stiff it felt like it had been in a refrigerator. The mozzarella sticks I ordered were hard and cold. By the time I got back upstairs I had two minutes to try the cold rock hard pizza and cheese sticks. Not only was this completely disappointing, but it is so inconsiderate. I'm working a twelve hour shift. i would like a refund as soon as possible. The total on my bill was 23.80. I will not accept a gift card. Only a refund. Thank you.

  • Store: Eagan Sarpinos

    I placed my initial order with Sarpino's at 6:20pm, and for some reason, it didn't go through. I submitted another order approximately 5 minutes later, and we are still waiting for our food to be delivered at 8:01pm. We have always had a very positive experience when ordering from Sarpino's in the past, but this has been HORRIBLE. I called the store at 7:25, and they told me the order was out for delivery. I guess not!

  • Store: Bloomingdale Sarpinos

    I ordered a Calzone and a Coke on my lunch break online for delivery and they told me 40 minutes. I ordered it at 11:25am. It took them an hour and a half to deliver just a calzone and coke. I called and I got an apology and I let it go figuring they would be here any minute. I waited another half hour and they still weren't there. I missed my lunch break and I cannot eat at work except on my lunch so I wasn't very happy, plus once he finally arrived with my food he forgot my Coke. I would have understood the wait if I ordered more food but all I got was 1 item and a drink. Very unsatisfied.

  • Store: Humble Sarpinos

    I placed an order on 11/21/14 for approximately 11 people in our office @ 11:37am and was told we would have our food in 45 min. to an hour @12:50pm I called and was told to give them an add' l 15 to 20 minutes. Our lunch is over @ 1:00pm, when the food arrived the salad was horrible,(white chunks of lettuce, like the core of the lettuce, you do not put white onions in salad you use purple) $4.99 wasted, the food was cold, the receipt showed our food left in route @ 12:36pm why did we receive our food almost 40 minutes later.(we recd at 1:10pm) Do you know what "COLD" pizza, alfredo, meatball and italian sandwiches taste like. I would like to have my money back.. I will not be ordering from Sarpino's again and I will be letting everyone know the service and food is horrible and not to waste their time going there.