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  • Store: Chicago Downtown - West Loop Sarpinos

    A regular and loyal customer, I placed an online order on 10/14 (order #887801), which says in the confirmation email it will be ready within 35-45 minutes. When the order didn't arrive after an hour I called, and they said they were running a little behind due to weather. I waited another 20 minutes...still no pizza. At that point I called to cancel the order, and the woman I spoke with said that cancelling was not a problem, This week when I looked at my credit card statement, the charge for the pizza had still gone through, and there was no credit to my account for the pizza that I did not receive. Now, I have had the pleasure of back and forth phone calls with the manager trying to figure out how to get refunded for a meal that never was received. Ordering takeout is supposed to make my life easier, not complicate it more. I shouldn't have to pay for something that was not delivered AND i shouldn't have to waste time trying dealing with this. Lastly, is my credit card information secure? After all this, I am a bit concerned about what you are doing with my information.

  • Store: Westport Sarpinos

    I ordered a large pepperoni pizza with jalapeno on a thin crust. When I got the pizza, I was very disappointed. There were only a few slices of pepperoni and very little jalapeno. There was so little cheese that it had disappeared into the sauce. When I pay over 20 dollars for a pizza I expect better than that. Funny thing is, I got a free medium pizza for ordering a large, and that medium pizza had twice as many toppings on it, still next to no cheese. I do not think I will be ordering Sarpino's again. :-(

  • Store: Northbrook Sarpinos

    This is some of the best delivery pizza I have had in neighborhood! We ordered the pepperoni and sausage pizza with extra cheese and it was so flavorful and delicious! It was a little greasy but that's to be expected with two meats and extra cheese! We loved every bite, even as left overs the next day! Also the delivery girl couldn't have been more adorable and friendly and it came within the time they said on the phone. Cant wait until my next pizza craving to order from them again!

  • Store: La Grange Sarpinos

    I had a mailer with a buy one get one free pizza. I tried ordering on line to also get the order on line discount. When I tried to get into the system it would not let me order unless I registered. I did not want to give the info, You don't need to know my birthday in order to get a pizza. When I called the location, the person who answered the phone was no help at all and tried to go online and order but said he couldn't do it because "they" needed me to register. Well guess what, I don't need to go through hoops to get a pizza at any other places that I have been using and just wanted to give Sarpino's a try. Sorry Sarpino's You failed.

  • Store: Richfield Sarpinos

    My sister and I placed our first order from Sarpino's in Richfield, MN earlier this evening (pizza and double cheesy breadsticks). I am originally from the east coast where I enjoyed great pizza from Old Forge Pa. and New York City. I 've lived here 17 years and have been amazed by what Minnesotans consider to be good pizza. We loved your pizza! My sister, who recently moved here, said "this is so good, it tastes like east coast pizza". The person I placed my order with, Ken, was very friendly, the arrival time I was given was accurate and the delivery person was also very nice. Sarpino's is now the only place we plan to order from in the future. You officially have two new customers. Keep up the good work! Amy & Betsy Bloomington, MN.