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  • Store: West Saint Paul Sarpino's

    This was our first time trying Sarpino's. We loved it. We got our piping hot food 7 minutes before our expected delivery time.

  • Store: Clive Sarpino's

    I ordered pizza and the first time it was great. I ordered a couple of weeks ago and the crust was really soggy and undercooked I had to recook the pizza for a while. Still was not good but let it go. I just ordered tonight and the pizza was soggy again, like the crust is not even cooked, and it is thin crust so it shouldn't be tough to cook it though. It is terrible and I had to say something since it has basically been unedible as delivered. Very disappointing and will not be ordering again. Pizza is what you do and serving undercooked food is just not acceptable.

  • Store: Fort Lauderdale Sarpino's

    My last three experiences have left me wishing I had cashed in all my points tonight. The drivers are disoriented, one seemed off the spectrum, and can barely speak english. If my front door light is on, why does the driver go to the back door and call my cellphone instead of using the doorbell? The last three pizzas have arrived an hour or more after ordering. I live less than 1.5 miles from the store. The food arrives cold, rubbery, and very greasy. I liked the food and service when I first tried about a year ago. Then I thought maybe the store was just having a bad night. No more.

  • Store: Leawood Sarpino's

    My first time eating her and it was amazing!!!

  • Store: Lee's Summit Sarpino's

    Fast and friendly. Will be ordering from here in the near future.