Sarpino’s Safety

First & foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this worldwide health crisis. We know these are uncertain and stressful times, and while you may have a lot weighing on your mind, the safety of your food should not be one of them.

Sarpino’s remain committed to supporting and serving your community. The well-being and safety of our valued employees and loyal customers has and will always be our top priority. For your peace of mind, we want to share specific actions we are taking to protect everyone and ensure the safest, cleanest environment and experience both inside and outside of our restaurants.

Inside Our Restaurants

All Sarpino’s locations strictly follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO, local, state and federal authorities and update them accordingly as this ongoing situation develops.

All employees wear hats, are provided with masks, wear a new pair of gloves for each task, and cashiers change gloves after every cash customer. Employees are required to wash their hands every 30 minutes, ensured by an alarm. Upon entering a store, each driver must immediately wash their hands..

We adhere to a strict daily cleaning and sanitation schedule that is closely followed and tracked. Each work area and station is sanitized before and after every task, and all handles (entry doors, restroom, office and restroom faucets) are cleaned with sanitizer 3x or more often per shift.

Steps to protect yourself and others are attached to a wall in the most visible place in the customer lobby. For restaurants that offer in-store pickup, the lobby floor is marked with tape in 6 foot increments to ensure social distancing. In addition, social distancing is maintained by all employees at all times.

Our pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, pasta, and appetizers are baked to order in high regulated temperatures, and come individually packaged. Provided cutlery is pre-sealed and individually packaged, as well.

Outside Our Restaurants

Curbside Pickup

All employees are trained on how to handle curbside pickup, and the process is laminated and posted by the cashier station. Curbside pickup orders are required to be handled wearing both a face mask and gloves and are changed after every customer interaction.

Contactless Delivery

All employees are trained on how to handle contact-free delivery, and the process is laminated and posted by the driver station. Every driver is supplied with a box of gloves, masks, sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes in their car before starting their shift to be used and changed throughout each delivery. From social distancing to sanitizing cell phones, all of the procedures outside of our stores ensure maximum protection of both our employees and our customers.

We are proud and committed to continue safely serving your community, including donating free pizza to the healthcare heroes and first responders in local hospitals across the country. Thank you for continuing to choose and trust Sarpino’s to provide real Italian flavor made with love & care. We are all in this together!