Is it today? Then Sarpino’s is open. 365 days a year. 

May 30, 2023

Is it today? Then Sarpino’s is open. 365 days a year. 

Sarpino’s is proud to be a pizza place that’s always open, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July. Sarpino’s is open late, 365 days a year. So we’re always available to meet your need for delicious Italian food.

After all, you never know when a craving might strike – for example, in any one of these instances:

  • Open on Mondays
    1. Many restaurants close their doors on Mondays, but not us. If anything can cure a “case of the Mondays,” it’s splitting a Sarpino’s specialty pizza with a friend or loved one after work.

  • Open on Christmas
    1. Nothing is more festive than pizza. Think about it: the golds and whites of perfectly melted mozzarella, the jolly reds of a beautifully crafted tomato sauce and the pine-green hues of fresh Italian herbs. Anything from the Sarpino’s delivery menu is sure to bring your family together on the holidays—plus, it might even complement the colors in your Christmas decor.

  • Open on Thanksgiving
    • Thanksgiving meals are traditionally hearty, delicious and absolutely gut-stuffing. There’s no rule against enjoying pizza, calzones or succulent pasta with your meal. Loosen your belt, unsnap a button or two and give thanks for the convenience of Sarpino’s Pizzeria delivery any day of the year.

  • Open on Easter
    • Who says that you have to have a home-cooked meal on Easter Sunday? Save yourself time for enjoying the nice fresh spring air. Instead of having the traditional lamb dinner you work on all day, build a pizza that you and your family will love.

  • Open on New Year’s Eve
    • What goes best with beer and champagne? Pizza. A fine, gourmet pizza can help get the night started off right! The guests at your New Year’s Eve party will be raving over your spread of appetizers. After all, starting the new year on an empty stomach sounds unfortunate.

  • Open on Fourth of July
    • Sure, grilling out on the Fourth of July is fun. But why should one of your family members or friends be stuck next to the hot grill all day? Spice up your celebrations with one of Saprinos’ specialty or gourmet pizzas.

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