Mouth-wateringly delicious gourmet pizza doesn’t usually come with free delivery. Free delivery doesn’t usually mean an exceptional pizza delivery experience every time you place an order. But nothing about Sarpino’s is the usual. Other pizza restaurants force you to choose between convenience and gourmet quality. At Sarpino’s, you don’t have to. Partake in the authentic flavors of Italy with an unmatched free delivery experience. Our specialty pizzas are crafted using only the highest-quality ingredients. From rich tomato sauce and savory meats to tangy mozzarella cheese and the freshest vegetables, our pizzas are a specialty Italian treat. Plus, take advantage of our tasty diet/allergy related alternatives and try one of our multiple vegan and or gluten free options.
Don’t sleep on our non-pizza offerings as well. Hot appetizers, crisp sandwiches and steamy calzones are just as flavorful, and all are also available for free delivery. Our exceptional delivery drivers are fast, helpful and personable, ensuring your favorite Italian indulgences arrive fresh and oven-hot, just like dining at a restaurant. Sarpino's is always open: 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Whether it's a midnight snack, brunch, or even Christmas, we can cater to your every need with free delivery. Talented chefs are ready to create delicious food at a moment's notice. Best of all, with Sarpino's, you can rest assured that your delicious, Italian-inspired food will arrive quickly and safely. Free delivery.
Pizza slice being picked up from the table

Excellent food. Exceptional experience. Every time.

Our In-Store Experience

When you visit one of many Sarpino’s locations, you’ll enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and incredible food of a gourmet restaurant, with the conveniences of a personable staff and quick, friendly service. All of our stores are open every day of the year, with late-night hours so you can curb your Italian food cravings any time. We promise a truly personalized experience at Sarpino’s—we make it our aim to learn the names and favorite orders of our regular customers, so we can deliver an ordering experience that’s as convenient as possible. Loyal customers can enjoy personalized offers, too. Sign up for our pizza rewards today and get started.