Sarpino’s Vegan Pizza

Below you will find an assortment of the best vegan pizza in your area. Our vegan pizzas are proof that vegans can stick to their dietary restrictions without restricting their ability to enjoy amazing flavor! We encourage all vegan and also non-vegan diners to enjoy the variety of our vegan pizza offerings. We make all our vegan specialties fresh, so if you have a need for customization, just let us know! We are happy to make any vegan pizza to your specifications.

If you have never had vegan pizza, you are in for a treat! Sarpino’s utilizes Daiya Mozzarella cheese as it not only tastes great but mimics regular mozzarella cheese. The pair of vegan al dente pizza sauce and Daiya cheese is sure to be your new favorite combination. Take advantage of our dairy free pizza near you and you may never go back to traditional pizza again.